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• This 200mm focal length professional camera lens for astrophotography is a world first, features the appearance and structure of camera lens, integral design bring it compact, lightweight and easy to use.
• This lens is carefully designed to optimize the quality of image and create optimal performance, no need to attach complicated accessories, it is not have too big distinction in the usage of normal camera.
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This lens is specially designed and developed for astrophotography and takes into account the functions of general camera lenses for ground-based photography. It is high-quality, portable, and simple to use. It is a groundbreaking product that perfectly combines the astronomical telescope star lens and the camera telescope lens. Using this lens to shoot deep sky and starry sky, the star point aberration of the photo is significantly improved, the peripheral distortion is reduced, and the chromatic aberration is excellently controlled. It will bring you a clear and excellent starry sky picture, so that your photo creation will bring better results and more Possible.