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SHARPSTAR  65Q  ED  refractor telescope  has the following characteristics:
• 65MM f / 6.5 fully-muit-coated quadruplet two groups optical design
• Contains 2 ED lens, one of that is Japanese OHARA FPL - 53 super ED lens
• Astronomical photography has a very good flat image field
• New dual-speed 2.5 inch rack and pinion control gear, 10:1 micro-drive focus
• 2 inch and 2.5 inch universal interface
• 360 degree rotation angle regulator
• Tube ring and a pair of universal dovetail 
• lens hood with sliding lock
• with Finder bracket
SHARPSTAR 65Q ED APO refractor telescope optics tube assembly  is quadruplet two groups optical design, which includes two ED glasses and air-spaced fully- muti-coated. Before the group formed by the three lenses, (including an FPL-53 Super ED lens), after the group formed by the one lens.

SHARPSTAR 65Q ED  astrograph provides a very wide range of CCD and digital cameras capture images of deep space, the unique four-triplet design makes the image field edge of the flat, sharp. Although the main photographic object, the same applies to celestial observations, the inclusion of special ED glass lens, making images more clear, excellent color control.

SHARPSTAR 65Q ED sharp objects to make your photography, eliminating the additional cost of purchase of flat-field lens, the camera does not require calculation of the appropriate shooting distance and complexity of the interface attachment system that allows you easy to use, easy to use.
SHARPSTAR 65Q ED in providing exellent optical system,but also provide an impressive Focus system, SHARPSTAR 65Q ED has a dual-speed 2 inch tooth focusing device,focusing ratio of 1:10,compared Many in the market than the toothless refractor focusing device is used for toothed load greater focus, more fastness, so that you observed the use of heavy shooting in the attachment, no longer focusing device for the slip, out of focus to worry about. In addition, the distribution of the 360-degree rotating camera angle allows you to easily rotate, shoot their satisfaction with the work. Focusing device carried by 2 inches and 1.25 inches international standard interface, use the brass ring will not scratch your accessories. 

If only a set of SHARPSTAR 65Q ED lens with two triplet ED APO system, and that relative to its Price is also reasonale,but the SHARPSTAR 65Q ED provides a fast focal ratio of the four triplet astrograph and use two ED lens, dual-speed gear and built-in flat field focus, and its cost-effective self-evident.
Focal length:420MM (f/6.5)
Objective type:air-spaced of four-triplet Compound achromatic
Net weight: 2.60KG
Resolution:1.75arc seconds
Limiting visual magnitude:11.6
Tube OD:44MM
Total length of telescope (with extended lens shade): 375mm
Total length of telescope (with retracted lens shade): 340mm

65Q shooting M31

65Q shooting M32

65Q shooting M45

65Q shooting horse head