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The new SharpStar 65Q ED refracting telescope has the following features:
• 65MM f/6.5 multi-coated four-element two-group optical design
• Contains 2 ED lenses, including one Japanese OHARA FPL-53 Super ED lens
• It has a very good flat image field for astrophotography
• Two-speed 2-inch rack and pinion focusing, 10:1 fine focus
• 2 inch and 1.25 inch universal interface
• Angle adjuster that can rotate 360 degrees
• A pair of hoops and universal dovetail plate
• Configure sliding lock on the hood
• Comes with finder mirror mounting bracket

The sharp star 100Q ED APO apochromatic refracting telescope tube is a four-piece two-group fully separated design, which contains 1 FPL-53ED lens and adopts a full-surface multilayer coating. The four-element optical design makes the Ruixing 100Q have excellent shooting and eye-sight performance. The image circle of no less than 44mm makes the 100Q capable of the entire good image range of a general commercial 35mm full-frame camera, giving you unparalleled shooting quality. The use of ultra-low-dispersion ED glass (FPL-53) makes the chromatic aberration control very good, which is not only reflected in high-quality shooting, but also brings the use of 100Q observation into a new realm. Whether it is sharpness, contrast, and chromatic aberration control, it has excellent performance.
Sharp Star 100Q ED APO provides a very good system for both observation and shooting due to the use of a suitable focal ratio. The unique four-element design adds a special ED APO lens, which makes the chromatic aberration control excellent, the star point is sharp, and the image is more vivid.
Sharpstar 100Q ED APO provides an excellent optical system while also providing an impressive focusing system. Sharpstar 100Q ED APO has a dual-speed 3-inch geared focuser with a focusing ratio of 1:10 Compared with many refractors on the market that use toothless focusing devices, the focusing load of gears is larger and firmer, so that you don’t need to slip the focusing device when using heavy-duty observation shooting accessories. Out of focus and annoyed. In addition, the equipped 360-degree rotator allows you to easily rotate the shooting angle and shoot your own satisfactory works. The 3-inch international standard interface of the focuser, using a brass ring will not scratch your accessories. What’s more important is that its 3-inch focusing tube is stronger and more stable than most commercially available 3-inch focusing tubes, and it also provides a good way to upgrade heavy-duty accessories such as large-diameter plan focus lenses in the future. Support. In addition, the newly improved load-bearing adjustment screw located on the main body of the focuser more precisely controls the weight of the accessories at the rear of the focuser.
If the Sharpstar 100Q ED APO is just a two-piece APO system with ED lenses, it is reasonable relative to its price, but the Sharpstar 100Q ED APO provides a four-piece ED APO system with a fast focal ratio and adopts FPL-53 Super ED glass, 3 inches large two-speed geared focuser, its high cost performance is self-evident.
Caliber: 100mm
Focal length: 580mm (f/5.8)
Objective lens type: four-piece fully separated compound achromatic
Net weight: 4.65kg (excluding hoop and dovetail plate)
Resolution: 1.16 arc seconds
Visual limit magnitude: 11.8
Tube outer diameter: 114mm
Total length of telescope (with extended lens shade): 605mm
Total length of telescope (with retracted lens shade): 490mm