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Today Sharpstar announces the newest addition to its Askar FRA series, the Askar FRA600/5.6. 
Following the excellent optical performance of its first FRA400/5.6, the FRA600/5.6 is an evolution of the FRA series, an upgraded lens has
a 108mm aperture and a 600mm focal length, the f/ratio is still f/5.6, and the
image circle is 66mm surpass the full frame!

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This FRA600 Quintuplet Refractor is also built on a Petzval design, offering a front triplet and rear doublet lens constructed of 5-element, includes two ED elements. This combination provides a high level of apochromatic performance for astroimaging.
With wonderful optics design, the FRA600 telescope provides a 66mm image circle to ensure excellent star shape across the entire flat field whilst controlling chromatic aberration, minimizing the distortion.
The two lens in the rear group have a 80mm diameter, effectively reduces the occurrence of decreased field illumination. With the precision lens manufacturing, it obtains theoretical optimal pinpoint stars, bringing you beautifully round stars and clean detail image.